Order forms for school pictures were sent home last week. School pictures will be Wednesday, September 5th. If you would like to order your child's pictures, please send the order form and money back by Wednesday.

A September book order is coming home today. If you would like to order please send the order form and a check (no cash) by Friday, September 14th. You are also able to order online, www.scholastic.com/parentordering and our classroom code is GNFLV. The book order is a great way to build a home library.

Please make sure your child is reading 60 minutes a week. I will check each Friday morning for the amount of reading minutes from the previous Friday evening. If your child reads as little as 10 minutes a night, you will be able to accomplish 60 minutes by the following Friday morning.

Next Friday we will have our first social studies test over the Communities unit. A study guide will be coming home on Wednesday to study. If your child studies with a parent and brings back their study guide on the day of the test signed, he/she will receive 5 extra bonus points towards the test.

We have made it through the first full week!

Next week we will continue learning about:

Math- Greater numbers, adding and subtracting numbers

Social Studies- Communities; urban, suburban, rural and places to live, work and play

Reading- Continue practicing the routines for Daily 5 "Read to Self" and finish DRA reading assessments

Writing- ideas to help start a good story

Today we took our first spelling test, please make sure to practice these words at home. We also have dictation sentences during each test. It's a great idea to practice reading a sentence to your child so he/she can try writing the sentence correctly. Dictation sentences are graded on capitalization where appropriate, punctuation and correctly spelled spelling words.

Reading minutes will begin tonight. By next Friday morning, your child should read 60 minutes. The time read can be documented in their daily agenda folder. PLEASE take at least 10 minutes each night to read with your child or find a quiet place for them to read. This will be very beneficial for your child. Reading minutes will increase throughout the school year.

Your child is welcome to bring a healthy snack each day, but it is limited to only healthy snack choices and not a drink other then water. A water bottle is acceptable to bring each day as well. Healthy snack options are pretzels, crackers, fruits or veggies, string cheese, raisins, granola bars, popcorn (already popped) etc.

Welcome to Third Grade!

Bring Your “A” Game

Miss Schlager’s Class 2012-2013

·         Communication

o   Class newsletter updates weekly and added to our website

o   Classroom website: http://schlagerclass.weebly.com

·         Agendas- (Yellow folder with brads) Please return to school each day

o   Must be signed each night

o   Record weekly reading minutes

o   Students will record:  spelling lists, daily assignments (a star denotes homework), daily behavior

o   A great tool for communication!

·         MAP (Missouri Assessment Program)

o   State-wide test will be given in April in Math and Communication Arts

o   More information to come!

Classroom Behavior

·         Color Card Behavior System

o   The color card behavior system allows a visual reminder to students to be on task throughout the school day. Students will color code their agenda at the end of each day with a colored circle by the date.

o   Blue- On task, Great day

o   Green- Warning, 2 think laps at recess

o   Yellow- Needed redirecting to stay on task, 4 think laps at recess

o   Red- Needed redirecting multiple times to stay on task, think laps all recess, Student letter explaining behavior and self solution

o   Black- Needed redirecting multiple times to stay on task, think laps all recess, Student letter and/or phone call home, office visit

·         Token Economy

o   In addition to the color card behavior system students will be awarded one “Schlager Buck”  for each Green day at the end of the week. Students can be awarded Schlager Bucks for various good behaviors and lose them for inappropriate behaviors and unsigned agendas. Students will also be awarded Schlager Bucks for doing certain classroom jobs (which will be randomly assigned each week).

o   At the end of each quarter, starting in October, we will have a classroom auction, which students can buy items with their classroom cash.