The school year is quickly coming to an end and there are several important dates for you to remember.
  • Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday- Math MAP testing
  • Friday, May 3rd- Field trip to the high school. Please make sure to return the permission slip sent home last week. If you did not pay your child's activity fee at the beginning of the year, please make sure to send $10 to help cover the cost of transportation and lunch. A reminder will be labeled in your child's agenda.
  • Monday, May 6th- Kindergarten Screening and a second date has been scheduled for May 22nd
  • Monday, May 13th- Field Day- please send your child in tennis shoes and possibly a jacket based on the weather; 2nd, 3rd and 4th will participate from 9-11:30.
  • Tuesday, May 14th- Camp MAP field trip- More information to come
  • Thursday, May 16th- Talent Show; 6:30pm
  • Friday, May 24th- Last day of school- release at 12:30

Your child will be be given the DRA reading assessment next week. While reading with your child each night, it's important to discuss what was read. Who are the characters? What was the setting? Why would the author choose to write the story? What is the important message the reader should learn? Reading comprehension can be a struggle for many students.

Please make sure to send in lunch money when your child brings home a balance reminder. Please also make sure your child returns library books each week.
Monday we will have a math test over fractions and probability. After that we will review stacking numbers to add and subtract with regrouping/carrying. We will not test over that unit.

We only have one more week to prepare for the MAP test. Communication Arts will be tested during the week of April 22-26 and Math the following week, April 29-May 3. PLEASE make sure your child arrives to school on time during these two weeks. Attendance is very important and students need to arrive on time. Please make sure your child gets plenty of rest each night and eats a healthy breakfast.

Summer School forms have been sent home. Please make sure these are returned quickly if you plan for your child to attend.

Field Day t-shirt forms and money are due next Friday, April 19th.

Next week will be the last week of Camp MAP. Students cannot miss more than two sessions during the five weeks and will need to earn a set amount of points based on attendance, participation and effort on the MAP test to go on the field trip.

Date to remember:
*12:30 release time on Friday, April 26th. Please let me know if your child will have a change in transportation that day.

We only have 30 more school days! Attendance and arriving on time are very important, not only are we still reviewing for MAP testing, but we still have content to learn. Please make weekly reading a priority at home to make 4th quarter successful!
Please make sure to sign and return the bottom portion of your child's grade card if you haven't already. Some students had lower grades for math because they did not pass their multiplication tables through the 9's. We will continue to take two multiplication timed tests a week for the remainder of the year. Fourth grade begins the year with multiplication, memorizing the facts now will be very beneficial in the future.

MAP preparation has started. It is very important for your child to be at school each day to help make sure they receive all of the information and practice. Camp MAP on Tuesday and Thursday evening will continue through April 18th.

Don't forget there is no school next Friday, March 29 and Monday.

In order to practice letter writing for the MAP test, we wrote a friendly letter to a musher (a person guiding the dog sled) during the Iditarod. We would like to send these letters next week. Please send a stamp or 50 cents to school by Tuesday of next week tohelp pay for the cost to send the letters. I appreciate your help!

We will be learning continue learning about numbers and shapes in a pattern next week during math and reviewing all concepts throughout the year for MAP testing during Camp MAP.

Reading minutes increase to 90 minutes per week for fourth quarter. Please make it a priority for your child to read 12-15 minutes each night in order to read the required number of minutes. It is very important to discuss with your child about the book they read- characters, setting (where and when the  story takes place), the problem and solution, etc.

February News


Next Thursday, February 14th is our Valentine's Party. It will start at 2:15. A letter was sent home with the names in our class. Please make a box at home and you may send it to school with your child on Wednesday or Thursday. We have 22 students, 13 boys and 9 girls and we will exchange Valentine's cards during the party.

We will be finishing our unit on measurement next week. There will be a math test on Thursday. The study guide will be coming home on Wednesday. This is a review unit from the beginning of the year with measurement and tools to measure as well as telling time to the nearest 5 minutes and identifying information on a calendar. We will then begin a short unit about graphing and temperature.

The spelling test will also be on Thursday. Please have reading minutes completed by Thursday as well. During third quarter, students should be reading 80 minutes a week. It's a great idea for your child to practice reading aloud, but also discussing the book with you- characters, setting, problem, solution, etc to fully help them comprehend.

There is no school for students on Friday, February 15th and Monday, February 18th.

Classroom Update


We will be having a science test next Friday. A study guide will be coming home on Wednesday evening. Students will need to know the characteristics of solids, liquids and gases.

We are still taking our timed multiplication tests. Please take a few minutes to study at home each night. We have made flashcards in class, but you can also find flashcards at the dollar store, Target or Walmart. Thank you very much to the parents offering to send in the treats for the multiplication party. I will send a note home confirming the item you volunteered. If it's something that can be sent to school soon, feel free next time you're at the store to pick it up and send it in. The party will be closer to Spring Break at the beginning of March, so if your item is a perishable item, please wait until closer to the date.

If you have not signed your child's grade card, please send that back to school as soon as possible.

We could definitely use Clorox wipes and pencil top erasers if you would be willing to donate these items. Thank you in advance!

Reading minutes did increase to 80 minutes per week. Please make sure to document this in your child's agenda.

Book orders are due next Friday if you plan to order.

January News


We started learning multiplication on Monday. We will begin taking a multiplication timed test on next Tuesday. It is very important for your child to begin memorizing multiplication facts for third grade, but also for future grades. We started making flashcards in class to practice and will continue working on those next week. These flashcards could be left in their backpack so they are available each day at home and school. Please take a few minutes each night to practice with your child. You could also purchase flashcards at the Dollar Store, Walmart or Target as well as apps that would all cost around a dollar or two.

Don't forget there is no school on Monday.

A book order is being sent home today. If you'd like to order, please return the order form and a check by Friday, January 25th. If you would like to order online, visit and our classroom code is GNFLV.

We started a science unit about matter and energy. We will be working on this unit for about 3 weeks.

Grade cards will be coming home today. Please sign the back page and return it to school by next Friday. We are now in third quarter and grades start back over at zero, meaning the previous grades for first and second quarter are not added to their third quarter grades.

Reading minutes are now increasing to 80 minutes a week. This is calculated from Friday afternoon until Friday morning of the next week. Please document reading minutes in your child's agenda. Reading is so important for your child to grow academically. Please make it a priority at home.ot only reading for fluency, but reading to remember.

Friday News- 11/16


Your child is coming home with spelling words for the test we will have after Thanksgiving break on Friday, November 30. This will give them lots of extra time to practice spelling words.

Reading minutes will not be due next week because of our two day school week. Please make it a priority for your child to read 70 minutes by Friday, November 30th. In order for your child to make progress in the classroom, they need to practice reading at home as well.

We will begin a one week science unit for the first week after Thanksgiving break. We will learn about the water cycle. After that we will spend the remaining two weeks before Christmas break focusing on an economics unit.

Don't forget to send in pennies for our math collection activity. We will be donating after we have collected 1,000 pennies. We currently have only about 350.

Friday News


Don't forget the WOHE 5K is tomorrow morning. Adults are $25 the day of the race and students under 18 pay an entry fee equal to their age. The race begins at 8.

In math, we are collecting 1,000 items to better understand groups of tens and hundreds. The class decided to collect pennies. If you have any extra pennies at home you'd like to send to school with your child, we would appreciate it! We will be donating the money to the Willard Children's Charitable Foundation

We will be finishing our Government unit in Social Studies next week. A study guide will come home on Thursday and we will test on Friday. Your child will need to know how a bill becomes a law, important details about the Constitution and Declaration of Independence and the three branches of government.

If your child hasn't already brought ear buds to school, please send those to school for our "Listen to Reading" stations during Daily 5.

Don't forget your child's reading minutes have increased to 70 minutes per week. Please make reading a priority at home!

Classroom Update


Don't forget, there is no school tomorrow.

We will have a math test on Tuesday. This will cover measurement to the nearest inch and half inch as well as telling time to the nearest 5 minutes. Telling time is a skill students will need throughout life. It would be a great idea to practice with an analog clock. We are practicing in class with a time check throughout the day, plus reenforcing this skill at home will be very beneficial. Our next math unit will be covering addition and subtraction with three digit numbers.

We will continue our unit on Government. By now, we've discussed how a bill becomes a law. Ask your child about the process!

We will have a classroom auction on Wednesday, October 31. If you would like to donate any items we would greatly appreciate it. Individually wrapped candy, dollar store items or even books or small trinkety toys you want out of your house would work!
Reading minutes have been increased for second quarter. PLEASE READ 70 MINUTES EACH WEEK. This begins Friday afternoon through the next Friday morning. Please try to find 10-15 minutes each night for your child to practice reading at home.

Tiger Pride and a bus safety assembly will also take place on Wednesday.

Next Friday, November 2nd, is our Fall Party. Please contact Kim Caird if you would like more information.

Don't forget the 2nd and 3rd grade musical is Thursday, November 8th. Students have been practicing for their performance and it will be cute! Here is the information from Mrs.Kuchta:

The WOHE 2nd/3rd grade has been eagerly preparing for their upcoming musical Squirm! which will take place on Thursday, November 8th at 7:00 in the WOHE commons area. The students are SO excited to share their hard work and preparation with you. This evening is sure to be filled with laughter and fun! You don't want to miss it! Students who have speaking parts and/or solo's will need to have ALL of their lines memorized by THIS Friday, Oct. 26th. Students who are requiring a costume of sorts were given information on this to take home about 3 weeks ago. I have had a few parents contact me with questions regarding this. PLEASE feel free to get a hold of me if you have questions or concerns. ALL costumes need to be done and dropped off in the WOHE music room by Monday, November 5th will the child's name tagged to it somewhere. Students who do not have a specific role as a soloists, speaker, or character (without speaking parts) are the backbone of this performance as they serve as important choir members. These students need to wear their WOHE Wednesday black t-shirts for the performance!! Click here to read a copy of the parent letter that went home on Oct. 4th with students who were selected for speaking parts, solos, etc.

Friday News


We will be continuing our unit on Government next week. The students have now learned about the Constitution, Declaration of Independence, U.S. symbols, National Anthem and the 3 Branches of Government. Ask your child about some of the facts they have learned.

We are starting a new math unit on time and measurement. Practice telling time at home during random times of the day. By the end of third grade, they should be able to tell time to the nearest five minutes.

Parent-Teacher conferences are next Tuesday and Thursday evenings. A slip of paper with your date and time is coming home today. Be on the look out for that. There will be childcare available in order for you to see what your child is learning free from distractions.

A book order went home on Thursday. If you would like to order, please return the order form and a check by November 9th. If you order online, our classroom gets a free book. Our classroom code is GNFLV and you can order at

Running Club will be switched to Wednesday next week due to Parent-Teacher Conferences. This change will only be for next week, Wednesday, October 24.

No School next Friday, October 26.

Wednesday, October 31 we will have a Tiger Pride Assembly at 2:30.  We will also have a Bus Safety assembly before Tiger Pride.

Fall Parties are scheduled for Friday, November 2nd at 2:15. Kim Caird sent a note home with her information if you would like to help. Please let me know if you need her number.

  The Veteran’s Assembly is scheduled for Friday, November 10. If you have a Veteran in your family who would like to attend, please contact Coach Sweet.

If your family is interested in the WOHE 5K on November 10, click on the WOHE 5K page at the top of the school website to print the official registration page.